Control reality with CTRL Reality

How about being able to learn different things by using VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality)? And also having the computer giving you automatic feedback when you’re doing something wrong – so that you can do it right? Without making any mess. Well, that is what CTRL Reality help companies do.
CTRL Reality is a Finnish university spin-off comprising a team researching VR and AR. Today, the company helps their customers – especially manufacturing companies- when teaching essential skills with business-critical processes. Instead of learning a machinery process directly on the floor, which can be both expensive, dangerous and difficult to organise CTRL Reality helps their customers implement the process in VR so that their employees can even independently learn through the computer before stepping out on the floor.

– We are practically making learning and professional training much more cost-effective and fun without cutting on any of the benefits that come with personal training. Learning in VR is practically the same as learning in real life, says Petri Karvinen, sales manager.

What customers are you looking for?

– We are mainly looking for industrial manufacturing companies and similar.

Within this project, what market are you focusing on?

– We are focusing on the Chilean market, which has a lot of companies working with the forest and mining industries.

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